New low prices after 60% off - Dual Xeon Gold 6148 / 256GB RAM / 2 x 2TB NVME or 2 x 2TB SSD/ 10G Shared Unmetered

Promo Here!New low CVS prices close to 30% off!

New low prices after 60% off - Dual Xeon Gold 6148 / 256GB RAM / 2 x 2TB NVME or 2 x 2TB SSD/ 10G Shared Unmetered

Promo Here!New low CVS prices close to 30% off!

S3 Object Storage

S3 Object Storage services is now available for deployment with Sharktech. The addition of S3 Object Storage covers all Sharktech data centers located in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Amsterdam. The latest addition of S3 means that developers can manage, store, and maintain their network or storage for their needs!

Get faster and safer storage service with S3 Object Storage from Sharktech. This file storage service houses your data as objects within buckets. Objects are your files, metadata, and anything else that’s related to your data from the file. The bucket serves as a container for the objects so that it’s easy to access at faster speeds.

This type of storage software is revolutionizing the digital world as we know it! Get in touch with Sharktech for S3 Object Storage. Whether you need it for a small or large business, or even for yourself, we can help!

Implement Your Projects Using S3 Cloud Object Storage

Object storage has become a popular option for businesses to store and manage large amounts of data. S3 Object Storage is a cloud-based object storage service that provides businesses with scalability, data availability, security and performance. Companies can easily use S3 to implement their projects and take advantage of its cost-effective, high-performing infrastructure.


Benefits of S3 Object Cloud Storage Hosting

Better Security
Easy Integration With Existing Systems

The cost-effectiveness of S3 object cloud storage hosting makes it attractive to businesses with tight budgets that still need reliable data protection. Instead of investing in expensive servers to store information, companies can take advantage of the competitive pricing and pay only for what they need. This allows companies to save money on upfront costs while still having access to reliable data storage solutions.

Another great benefit of S3 service is the easy integration into your existing system. This allows businesses to store data on different cloud servers without having to spend large amounts of time formatting them into compatible files that their new cloud storage can read.


Simple predictable pricing

Add additional object storage as you need it

  • 250 GB
  • 1 TB Outbound Transfer
  • Up to 50 Million Objects per Cluster
  • Available in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and Amsterdam
  • Irresistible prepaid discount plans available (Up to 15% off!)

$0.016 / GB Additional Storage

$5 / TB Additional Outbound Transfer

Object Storage






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Get Started With S3 Object Storage

It’s time to increase scalability and decrease costs with your cloud storage with S3 Object Storage from Sharktech. This cloud storage service can be integrated with your existing system. No longer do companies have to waste time changing the format of their data or files so that their new storage software can read them.

Best of all, Sharktech also provides 24/7 Badass Technical Support! Our team can help you with any issues at a moment’s notice. Sharktech has data centers in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Amsterdam ready for deployment!